About My Creative Process

Here is a general overview of my creative process for the typical project.

1. Understand the Needs of the Client

First, I discuss the project with a client in order to understand their vision, as well as to get a feel for the scope, style, and complexity of the project.

If needed, I consult the client on the best way to move forward and make their ideas a reality.

Once we come to an understanding of what is expected, it is time to create.

2. Research and  Create Preliminary Artwork

I generally begin by collecting any information that I might need, such as reference images and other research.

I’ll often go so far as to take my own humiliating reference photos to get poses and composition just the way I want them.

The next step is to create preliminary sketches, in order to communicate the ideas in a visual way and present them to the client.

3. Refine the  Artwork

Upon approval from the client, I make any necessary changes and take the artwork to a more refined stage.

Now the artwork is beginning to more closely resemble the final product.

4. Finished Illustration

Upon further approval from the client, I make any final revisions and proceed to finish the artwork.

I then deliver the final Illustration(s) to the client in the required format, whether it’s original artwork or digital files.

5. Follow-up

I like to check in with a client to make sure everything meets or exceeds their expectations, and that they have everything they need to realize their vision.

Please contact me with any questions you may have about my creative process and the ways that I can help to make your project a success.