4-Hour Turnaround Illustration for Buzzfeed

Recently got a call from Buzzfeed for a quick turnaround illustration, which then quickly became an even QUICKER turnaround. What started as an overnight job became a 4-hour rush job as the Editor and Art Director decided they wanted the story out ASAP. So I managed to successfully pump out the fastest concept-to-completion illustratoin commission I’ve ever done. What a thrill ride! I have to admit that I would love to have more jobs like this. Despite the pressure it was actually nice to have less time to noodle the idea, less back and forth, less overthinking etc.

The image was for an aritcle about the Republican party base breaking off from the establishment. The idea of elephant children veering off the path from its mother seemed like a natural fit, and the AD Ben King agreed, so I was let loose to create. The short turnaround lead me to decide to use an actual pencil to draw the elephants, since it was much faster than digitally building them while also making them recognizable from above. Thanks for looking!