Recent Adventures in Art and Robotics


I’ve had a very busy couple of months in terms of artistic ventures, between illustration commissions, working on some customizations on my boat, and marching in the local Apple Blossom Parade as part of the BEEP BOOP BEEP Robot Brigade! So here’s a quick look at some highlights, starting with the illustration above for Johns Hopkins Health Review about the power of Vitamin D to prevent falls in the elderly.

It was really important to me to avoid using any kind of mundane imagery to represent Vitamin D, such as a pill bottle, so the AD and I settled on this solution of using the sun’s rays as walking sticks.


Here’s one for The Boston Globe about the hazards of election season. A bear trap is one of those metaphors that I’ve proposed for many projects before, and it finally made the cut.


And here’s a quick turnaround piece for an Intelligence Squared debate on marriage equality. Pretty straightforward concept for this one.


Last but not least, I had the most amazing experience this past weekend at our local Apple Blossom Parade. A group of friends joined us in forming the BEEP BOOP BEEP Robot Brigade to dress up like robots and march. Not only was it a fun and inspiring experience, but we won a 3rd Place trophy in the Novelty category! We’re already working on our robot costume designs for next year. If this kind of thing is up your alley, you can find out more about our group here.

Thanks for looking!