New Illustration – Spy on Me, I’d Rather Be Safe


I had a lot of fun with this latest piece for another Intelligence Squared US debate entitled “Spy on Me, I’d Rather Be Safe”.

Here’s a synopsis of the debate:

“The NSA collects data on billions of phone calls and internet communications per day. Are these surveillance programs legal? Do they keep us safe? If not for the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, most Americans would be unaware of the vast amounts of information their government is secretly collecting, all in the name of national security. But whether you believe leakers are heroes or traitors, an important public conversation has finally begun, and we should ask ourselves: What tradeoffs are we willing to make between security and privacy?

As Benjamin Franklin might have asked, “Are we giving up essential liberty to purchase temporary safety, and thus deserving of neither?”

* On a related note, I’m very excited to be able to attend one of the debates that I created illustrations for next week in Los Angeles, so watch for updates on that.