Unused Idea for WIRED Magazine – Face Cloning


I’m a big fan of following through on ideas that I love, but that wasn’t chosen for a project for one reason or another. Here is another example of that, based on a WIRED magazine article about something called ‘face cloning’, which involves enhancing the realism of animatronic characters by combining motion capture technology with 3D printing. Apparently, Disney is now prototyping face clones made of silicon rubber contoured to replicate facial expressions unique to individual actors.

I was encouraged to take a unique approach to the term ‘face cloning’ itself, rather than the definition, and I really liked the idea of playing off the familiar imagery of sheep cloning, with a cloned human face showing up in the folds of the wool. As I mentioned, one of the other ideas was chosen instead, but I really loved this and knew I would come back to it sooner or later. Hope you enjoyed this little experiment.