New Illustration – Retaining Water

Here’s a new editorial piece for one of Portland’s alt-weeklies, The Willamette Week. This one is for an article about the Lake Oswego city council voting to cut off public access to the public lake, due to pressure from the Lake Oswego Corporation. The Art Director was Ben Mollica, and this was the first overnight deadline I’ve had in a while, so it was a nice challenge.

2 thoughts on “New Illustration – Retaining Water

  1. Hello! Spotting this piece in the WW here:

    …inspired me to track down its creator. You do great work! I like the collage-style mix of photosource and hand-drawn art. And your use of color is really appealing; muted but eye-catching.

    BTW, I had to use the “search by image” feature in Google’s image search to find you because the popup on that WW page, the tooltip -type thing that’s supposed to have the credits, appears not to be working. At least not in Chrome. You might want to mention that to the WW people.

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