New Illustration for Euroman

Here’s a full page illustration for the latest issue of Euroman magazine, to accompany an article about China buying up the world’s economy bit by bit. During the research and concept stage for this piece, I kept coming across some crazy images of Chinese workers transporting outrageously large loads on the backs of bicycles, and thought it would make for the perfect visual metaphor. The Art Director was Sune Ehlers, and he was a great collaborator on this project.

On a side note, my father-in-law is notorious for strapping a bunch of stuff to the top of our car for our trip home every time we visit them, so much so that it’s often easier to just cut the ropes and straps rather than try to undo the labyrinth of knots and clamps. While working on this illustration, I was definitely trying to channel him and make sure it looked like the load would actually stay somewhat in place. Hope I made him proud.