Cover Illustration for Seven Days Magazine’s Winter Reading Issue

I love illustrating magazine covers, I love repeat clients, and I love working with Art Director Diane Sullivan of Seven Days Magazine. She’s a great collaborator for an artist like me who thrives on the conceptual side of the creative process, throwing ideas back and forth, and developing a theme until it’s just right.

For their Winter Reading issue, Diane wanted an image that played off the idea of cutting snowflakes out of book pages. I thought it was a great start, but I kept getting hung up on the fact that it seemed to highlight the crafting of the snowflakes, rather than the reading part. So, after kneading and turning the idea, I proposed pushing the concept further by making it actually snow book pages. This would hopefully result in a more iconic image that triggered the emotional excitement of seeing the first snow falling outside the window and parallel the excitement of the special issue (It’s snowing outside! / It’s the Winter Reading Issue!) I also like the fact that it lends itself to a multi-layered “read” of the image for the viewer.

Happy holidays, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Cover Illustration for Seven Days Magazine’s Winter Reading Issue

  1. I’m not a pro, but am so impressed with your style evolution since following you through the podcast, thanks for sharing.

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