Cover and Spot Illustrations for Terra Magazine

I really enjoyed working with Art Director Teresa Hall for this series of cover and spot Illustrations (see more below) for Oregon State University’s Terra Magazine. The article inside the magazine was based on the idea that people are increasingly turning to the internet for their health care needs. I had a great time coming up with visual ways to intersect health care with computers and the internet, and Teresa was a great creative partner in this effort as well. In fact, one of my favorite parts of any job is collaborating with the AD and geeking out on smart and visually evocative concepts.

Whenever I work on a series, I always try to find some visual cue to tie them together, whether it’s something as simple as a color scheme or something more directly related to the theme. Teresa and I were both really drawn to the incorporation of the Facebook and Twitter icons into the patient gown on the cover, and she wisely requested that we carry that into the interior Illustrations as well. Here’s a look at the other images in the series:

Special thanks to fellow Illustrator Santiago Uceda for suggesting me to Illustrate this series. Santiago, start thinking about where you want me to take you out for lunch and a drink.