Cover Illustration for Seven Days Magazine

Every once in a while, there are days that make you thankful to be an artist.

Last week I had one of those days when I was contacted by Art Director Diane Sullivan to illustrate the cover of their yearly “Best of” issue called “The Daysies”. Even better, the brief suggested a nude man frolicking through a field of daisies.

Almost immediately, the image above popped into my mind, with my best friend Jason Ritz as the only possible man for this modeling job. After some coaxing, and some alcohol, I lured Jason into my basement studio to do some of his finest modeling work to date. Truly an inspiration to work with. For the record, he wore boxer briefs for the shoot.

I had more fun working on this image than I ever have so far as an Illustrator.

This was the sweet spot.

More Brilliant Modeling Work By Jason Ritz: