4 Illustrations for The Nashville Scene

I was recently commissioned for a really fun project by The Nashville Scene, to illustrate an article called “You Are So Nashville If…”, which is an annual event where the publication invites its readers to finish the sentence, then publishes the best of the best. I was asked to illustrate 4 of these, and I was happy to have a healthy amount of creative freedom. Here’s a look at what I came up with:

You are so Nashville if…

… your Mayor never smiles, but your Governor never stops.

… you refuse to buy The Contributor because of your liberal bias.

… the only jobs your legislature created this year were for late night comedy writers.

… you wish the annoying creature that only appeared in Nashville once every 13 years was John Rich.

(This last one is a reference to the cicada infestation that plagues Nashville every 13 years, as well as the city’s disdain for the country music singer.)

Thanks to Art Director Elizabeth Jones for the call on this project. If you’d like to read the other reader responses, you can find them online here.