Cover Illustration for Eugene Weekly

There are so many things special about illustrating a cover, and so I was thrilled to be called by Art Director Todd Cooper of Eugene Weekly for this week’s publication. The illustration required portraits of the five commissioners of Lane County, Oregon, as well as certain personalities and scenarios meant to reflect the persons involved.

After some research, I submitted a few concepts, one of which made fun and graphic use of the Lane County logo, seen here:

I saw a lot of visual potential with this as a unique starting point, while striking an interesting balance between realistic and graphic shapes. The Art Director agreed, and I proceeded to the final.

When setting up poses for my figures, especially in group settings, I always like to think about paintings by people like Reubens, Michaelangelo, and others, and I consciously try to carry that aesthetic of sweeping, interconnected figures into my own work. In this case I was especially inspired by the following painting by Peter Paul Reubens:

One of my favorite parts about the final Illustration was the sharp, graphic look of the limited blue color palette, which I chose to carry into the figures, while adding more contrast to make things pop.

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