New Work – Berlusconi’s Sex Scandals

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been plagued with sex scandals for years. The latest involves “relations” with an underage bellydancer nicknamed Ruby Heartstealer. To make matters worse, Berlusconi has been accused of pulling strings to let Ruby out of jail after being arrested on theft charges.

I love it when public figures create such great stories to illustrate.

4 thoughts on “New Work – Berlusconi’s Sex Scandals

  1. haha! Great illustration, Thomas. I’m italian and I’m very familiar with this incident. Your depiction of it is very appropriate and sarcastic. Well done! :D

  2. I’m an italian expat living in Amsterdam since 3 yrs ago.
    When I left Italy was a mess, now I’m ashamed to call myself italian.
    What is appening over there is way beyond the “bunga bunga” parties, there is way much more.
    I would like you to interest even in the earthquake in the city of “L’Aquila” in in abruzzo, start from there, read numbers and name (even registered conversations via cellphone).
    If you know someone that can make a report without being arrested or corrupt, send him/her there, the question is simple, just go around in the historic centre and surroundings asking what happened after that event and how…
    Hope to move some water, in Italy tv networks are owne, as you know, by the only one that should have nothing to do with… so
    Cheers, love the illustration, you got it clearly as it is

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