New Editorial Illustration for the LA Times

I had the pleasure of working with Wes Bausmith of the LA Times Op-Ed section to Illustrate an article about Judge Roger Vinson’s ruling that Obama’s Health Care Bill was unconstitutional. For this piece, I drew upon the author’s suggestion that Vinson was “mangling” and “distorting” the constitution to fit his political agenda. I chose to push this idea by depicting the judge physically interacting with the constitution, distorting it into an origami tea cup, drawing upon his Tea Party leanings. In addition, the fumes from the tea encircle his head, further suggesting the influence of politics over his opinion.

Thanks again to Wes Bausmith from the LA Times for this collaboration.

3 thoughts on “New Editorial Illustration for the LA Times

  1. Congrats! LA times, that’s the big leagues!
    The illustration looks great, I’m really digging a lot of your new stuff.

  2. Nice Job Thomas! both on getting the Op-Ed page in LA Times and the illustration itself. You did a fantastic job relating the message of the article into illustration, clever stuff.

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