New Illustration – Personal Work

I wish I had something to say about this newest piece, but often after I complete a piece, it seems that there’s nothing more to say.

Thanks to Jaclyn Phillips for the inspiring reference.

One thought on “New Illustration – Personal Work

  1. Sometimes, the nature of the piece pops out afterwards, even if you were thinking differently when you were creating it. Awesome. Is that a jackal? Then, 1) its the Jackal Mistress! or 2) it has a deeper meaning, like the ones I couldn’t get from your animal-guys fist fighting! LOL
    Love the texture, and her look! The mask says she doesn’t want to be associated with her “peer” animal?
    Either way, its great looking, and does spark thought.
    Cool man…. awesome when you post your personal work!
    Thanks for sharing!

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