Cover Illustration for EFII’s Resource Guide for Illustrators

I just couldn’t wait to share this new Illustration that I just completed for the cover of Escape From Illustration Island‘s Resource Guide for Illustrators, a free 12-page booklet that I’ll be handing out at this year’s ICON6 Illustration conference.

You may recognize the familiar face of the Escapee from EFII’s header and logo images. He’s been redesigned to better represent the strength of the Illustration community, and the ways that EFII has grown as a resource for Illustrators.

Also, I have to admit that this piece is very much inspired by LOST, as is the theme music for the Escape From Illustration Island Podcast.

Since the start of EFII, I have avoided using any “island-themed” imagery because I wanted to let the metaphor of “Illustration Island” speak for itself, but now that EFII’s purpose has been more firmly established, I felt more comfortable having a little fun with the visual cues of the island, while exploring a little of the mysterious back-story of the Escapee.

Stay tuned for more details on EFII’s involvement in this years ICON6 Illustration Conference, as well as the Resource Guide for Illustrators.

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  1. Thanks very much. I’m considering it, but it won’t be until the ICON6 conference, when I’ll have time to devote to a possible redesign.

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