New Work – “Bearpunch”

Introducing my latest Illustration, “Bearpunch”, which is a further exploration of concept as a major driving force.  To me, there is a lot communicated in this image beyond just the surface interest.  I wonder what you see in this piece.

Pencil and Digital
© Thomas James Illustration

5 thoughts on “New Work – “Bearpunch”

  1. I like the inverted shirts/colors… maybe it’s about betrayal?
    The colored hands look like gloves as if it’s not their own hands that are doing the fighting.. could this be about people defending animals? To the point that they harm other humans?


    About children: Who fight and play with the ferocity of nature, learning to identify with their own ‘tribes’– without restraint and identifying pretty quickly ‘us’ and ‘them’. A bear is a bear no matter what color you paint it, even kids know~

    my two cent guesses :]


  2. Simple colors and slightly toned down details seem to help look further into the piece, I believe. Anger, territorialism… The symbols, maybe biased by world perspectives make you think of countries duking it out. The hands are full of energy. The faces express the emotion. But I think that’s as far as I get here with concept. Is there a meaning hidden to me? Of course, the fangs by themselves express outright hostility. uhhh… I got nothin’!!! just kidding! Great energy here!

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  4. Two good ideas. I think there’s a little bit from both of those concepts in this piece. To me, the animal heads represent the power that each person is projecting, and there are also suggestions that perhaps it is two parts of the same identity.

  5. Excellent! I was hoping for some insight! Thanks folks! A little lesson for me in alternate thinking. I was wondering what was behind the images, Thomas. I’m getting a grasp of for the conceptual now. An analogy of my initial thinking thinking here would be illustrated by the way I “process” a music piece. I immediately concentrate on the instruments, and melody, and automatically enjoy it, barely paying attention to the lyrics or the meaning behind the message of the song.
    Ok… too early for deep thinking morning. Back to my regular programming. :)

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