Illustration Friday – “Focused”

This week’s topic at Illustration Friday is “focused”, and it immediately made me think about my 7-month-old daughter Olivia, and how she sometimes examines an object with an intense gaze that tells me she’s thinking deeply about whatever she’s looking at.  I know that at this age, everything is a new adventure, an exploration.

So, in order to set up a shot to photograph, I handed her something that I knew would interest her and stood ready with the video camera.  Once I captured what I was looking for, I snagged a still image from the video and got to work on the drawing, which I then colored digitally in photoshop.

Special thanks to Oly for being so photogenic.

9 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – “Focused”

  1. i remember those moments with my kids too! like a laser – staring at something odd like a cheerio on the table. Dig the the piece, it has a hand drawn feel. I thought it was watercolor when i first looked at it.

  2. Love this illustration Thomas – it has a mono print kind of quality to the line work which is really lovely. It’s great to hear you are embracing your art and having fun again – it really shows through in this piece. Look forward to seeing the rest of this months IF entries!

    I can also relate to the intense focus on certain objects – Mali is nearly the same age as your girls and she sits for ages examining the tiniest of things. It is so lovely to watch them exploring the world isn’t it :)


  3. Thanks Jonathan. I appreciate your feedback. It is indeed amazing to watch our little girls. I would spend the whole day staring at them if I could.

  4. Great Drawing!
    Just a personal question for everyone, how is it to fit small kids and freelance illustration into your life?
    I’m six months pregnant and since I live in Quebec … I will have a year of paid maternity leave
    Would I be able to do some illustration during that time? What are your personal experiences?
    Just trying to have a heads up!

  5. We can all learn to be full of wonder from children. To be absorbed in the most basic of moments is marvelous. For kids, that seems to be all the time.

    I don’t understand digital art (yet). But I love that your illustration looks like tradational gouache or watercolor. Very nice!
    Donna Koepp

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